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Technical Docs 

ACI 308-213r ACI (308-213)R-13: Report on Internally Cured Concrete Using Prewetted Absorptive Lightweight Aggregate (2013) 
Team Approach to ICC 4362.4 The Team Approach to Internally Cured Concrete (April 2014)  NEW RELEASE!
This publication offers guidelines for a successful internal curing project.
4001.1 IC Spec 4001.1 ESCSI Guide Specifications for Internally Cured Concrete (Jan. 2012)
4248.0 Specified Density Concrete   4248.0 Specified Density Concrete-A transition for the Concrete Industry (T.A. Holm, J.P. Ries)
Precast and Prestress Concrete, Marine Structures, Internal Curing. (Mar 2005)
4362 Internal Curing Using ESCS 4362 Internal Curing Using Expanded Shale, Clay and Slate Lightweight Aggregate
The text and references are from ASTM 169D Significance of Test and Properties of Concrete and
Concrete Making Materials (July 2006)
 IC Helping Concrete 4362.1  4362.1  Internal Curing: Helping Concrete Realize its Maximum Potential (Jan. 2012)
 4362.2 Test Method 4362.2  Test Method to Determine the Moisture Content of Lightweight Fine Aggregate (Jan. 2012)