Technical Docs

7600 ESCS Applications and Uses 7600 ESCS Applications and Uses (Jan. 2006)
Gives a general overview of the many uses for ESCS.
“A World of Applications.....Worldwide”
7600.1 LWC 7600.1 Lightweight Concrete ●History●Applications●Economics (Nov 1971)
Gives an excellent overview and history of the Lightweight Aggregate Industry. 43 pages.
7700 Structural LWA Holistic Contribution 7700 Structural Lightweight Aggregates’ Holistic Contribution to Sustainable Development
ESCSI commitment to Sustainable Development and How SLC fits into the LEED
Green Building Rating System. (June 2004)
7700.1 A Holistic Approach 7700.1 A Holistic Approach to Sustainability For the Concrete Community
(J.P. Ries and T.A. Holm) (Mar 2004)
9340 Moisture Dynamics in LWA 9340 Moisture Dynamics in Lightweight Aggregate and Concrete
(T.A. Holm, O.S. Ooi, T.W. Bremner) (Feb 2004)
9602.0 Structural LWAC 9602.0 Structural Lightweight Aggregate and Concrete
(J.P. Ries, P.E.) (June 2008)
HPC Bridge Views 9603.0 HPC Bridge Views, Iss.11 (Sept/Oct 2000)