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Technical Docs

ASTM C173 Video   ASTM C173 Volumetric Air Meter Test Video
This video demonstrates ASTM C173, the Standard Test Method for Air Content of Freshly Mixed Concrete by the Volumetric Method; it is commonly referred to as the Roll-a-Meter test. The Volumetric Air Test method covers the determination of the air content of freshly mixed concrete. It measures the air contained in the mortar fraction of the concrete; it is not affected by air that may be present inside the porous lightweight aggregate particles.
4000 Lightweight Aggregate Concrete 4000 Lightweight Aggregate Concrete (Fib bulletin #8 362 pages, May 2000)
Part 1 Recommended extensions to Model Code 90,guide, Part 2 Identification of research
needs, technical report, Part 3 Case studies, State of the Art Report.
4001 Guide Specification for SLWC 4001 Guide Specification for Structural Lightweight Concrete (Sept 2001)
4020.4 SLWA Concrete Performance 4020.4 Structural Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Performance ACI SP136, 1992,
(T.A. Holm, AM Vaysburd) Twelve papers, 424 pages. Contact info@escsi.org
4070.2 LWC and Aggregates 4070.2 Lightweight Concrete and Aggregates (ASTM 169D Chapter 46, 2006
(T.A. Holm and John P. Ries)
Excellent overview of the complete subject. (ASTM 169D )
For a free copy in the USA and Canada contact ESCSI at info@escsi.org
All others please visit www.astm.org
4220 Fire Resistance of ESCS 4220 Fire Resistance of Expanded Shale Clay and Slate Structural Concrete Slabs
(Sept 1988)
4248.0 Specified Density Concrete 4248.0 Specified Density Concrete-A transition for the Concrete Industry (T.A. Holm, J.P. Ries)
Precast and Prestress Concrete, Marine Structures, Internal Curing. (Mar 2005)
4248.1 Enhanced Hydration and Properties 4248.1 Enhanced Hydration and Properties of Specified Density Concrete (T.W. Bremner, T.A. Holm, J.P. Ries)
(Feb 2001) University of New Brunswick research report.
4362 Internal Curing Using ESCS 4362 Internal Curing Using Expanded Shale, Clay and Slate Lightweight Aggregate
The text and references are from ASTM 169D Significance of Test and Properties of Concrete and Concrete
Making Materials (July 2006)
4366 Impact of Vapor Emission 4366 Structural Lightweight Aggregate Concrete
Using SLC should pose few problems for knowledgeable contractors.
Reprint Concrete Construction, (July 1995), by Moira Harding
4600.8 Guide for SLWA Concrete 4600.8 Guide for Structural Lightweight Aggregate Concrete ACI 213 R-03
This is a complete up-to-date guide, published by ACI in Nov 2003. A must
read by anyone interested in the subject. Click here to order the complete guide.
4600.10 T Bremner Symposium on HP LWC 4600.10 Theodore Bremner Symposium on High-Performance Lightweight Concrete
(J.P. Ries, T.A. Holm), (CANMET/ACI 2003) Thirteen papers, 258 pages
Contact info@escsi.org
4600.12 HP SLWC 4600.12 High-Performance Structural Lightweight Concrete ACI SP-218, 2004
J.P. Ries, T.A. Holm), Twelve papers, 202 pages. Contact info@escsi.org
4600.13 What Why How SLWC 4600.13 What, Why & How? Structural Lightweight Concrete NRMCA CIP 36, 2003
Contact National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, Silver Springs, Maryland
4600.14 Proceeding Second Intl Symp on SLWAC 4600.14 Proceedings Second International Symposium on Structural Lightweight
Aggregate Concrete
2000 Kristiansand, Norway (S Helland, I Holand, S Smeplass)
4640.0 Finishing Lightweight Floors 4640.0 Finishing Lightweight Floors Dec 2003
4700.0 Building Bridges and Marine Structures 4700.0 Building Bridges and Marine Structures with Structural Lightweight Aggregate Concrete, 2001
General information on 25 structures. See publication 4700.4 for detailed information.
4700.3 Criteria for Designing LWC Bridges 4700.3 Criteria for Designing Lightweight Concrete Bridges (FHWA) Aug 1985
State of the Art on Lightweight Concrete in the design, construction and maintenance of
bridges. 153 pages, Contact info@escsi.org
4700.4 Back-up Statistics to Building Bridges 4700.4 Back-up Statistics to Building Bridges and Marine Structures
(Feb 2001) Detailed information on the 25 structures presented in 4700.0
4700.5 Long-Term Service Performance of LWC 4700.5 Long-Term Service Performance of Lightweight Concrete Bridge Structures Reprint (June 1995)
International Symposium on SLC, Sandfijord, Norway—by WR Brown, TJ Larson,
Florida DOT. Bridge at Fanning Springs crossing the Suwanee River
4700.6 Bridge Rehabilitation with SLWC 4700.6 Bridge Rehabilitation with Structural Lightweight Concrete (D.W. Stolldorf, T.A. Holm)
Whitehurst Freeway, Washington D.C. Reprinted Materials for the New Millennium
4700.7 LW HPC on Route 106 Bridge 4700.7 Lightweight HPC on Route 106 Bridge in Virginia by H. Celik Ozyildirium, Virginia
Transportation Research Council. Reprint HPC Bridge Views Issue #32 (2004)
4700.8 LWC for a Segmental Bridge 4700.8 Lightweight Concrete for a Segmental Bridge (J.A.Murillo, S. Thoman, D. Smith)
1.2 mile long Benicia-Martinez Bridge, San Pablo Bay, California
Reprinted Civil Engineering (1994) ASCE
4700.9 Benefits of LW HPC 4700.9 Benefits of Lightweight HPC (T.A. Holm, J.P. Ries)
Reprint HPC Bridge Views, Issue #17, (Sept 2001) FHWA and NCBC
4700.10  LW Aggregate Concrete 4700.10 Lightweight Aggregate Concrete in Norwegian Bridges (S Helland, Selmer AS-Skanska AB)
Reprint HPC Bridge Views, Issue #11, 2000, FHWA and NCBC
4700.11 LWC for California 4700.11 Lightweight Concrete for California’s Highway Bridges by James E. Roberts Director
Engineering Service Center, Chief Structural Engineer, California DOT
Reprint PCA Engineered Concrete Structures  Dec. 1997
4710.4 State of the Art Report on High-Strength 4710.4 State-of-the-Art Report on High-Strength, High-Durability Structural Low-Density Concrete
for Applications in Severe Marine Environments

(T.A. Holm, T.W. Bremner) 104 pages, Reprinted Aug 2000, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
4710.5 Performance of SLWC in Marine Environment 4710.5 Performance of Structural Lightweight Concrete in a Marine Environment
(T.A. Holm), Reprinted ACI SP-65, Aug 1980(T.A. Holm), Reprinted ACI SP-65, Aug 1980
4710.6 Guide for the Use of Low-Density Concrete 4710.6 Guide for the Use of Low-Density Concrete in Civil Works Projects (George Hoff)
Reprinted Aug 2002, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
4710.088 Evaluation of LWC Performance 4710.088 Evaluation of Lightweight Concrete Performance in 55 to 80 Year Old Ships
By: R.D. Sturm, N. McAskill, R.G. Burg, and D.R. Morgan
reprinted from High-Performance Concrete Research to Practice, SP189 ACI
4710.095 Fleet of Stone 4710.095 Fleet of Stone (Article)
Reprint (Surveyor, Fall 2004)
4730 SLWC on Fire Rated Steel Deck 4730 Structural Lightweight Concrete on Fire Rated Steel Deck Assemblies
(July 2004)
4750.1 University Club Tower 4750.1 University Club Tower: Pioneer in Computer Design (Bill Martin, Fred Gauger)
Reprinted ACI Concrete Intsernational
4770.0 Go with the Flow Pumping SLWC 4770.0 Go with the Flow Pumping Structural Lightweight Concrete
4770.1 Pumping SLWC The Team Approach 4770.1 Pumping Structural Lightweight Concrete “The Team Approach”
(Nov 1996)
4800 Wellington Stadium 4800 Wellington Stadium 4,000 Precast Lightweight Concrete Components Provide Seismic
and Economic Solutions
by Leonard G. McSaveney, Golden Bay Cement, Auckland,
New Zealand (Aug 2002)