APPLICATIONS / Asphalt Chip Seal Overview

Lightweight Chip Seal and Other Uses with Asphalt on Road Surfaces

When bonded to asphalt, structural lightweight aggregate chip seal creates a significantly improved asphalt bituminous surface treatment that is safer, more economical and longer lasting than conventional aggregates. Wet or dry, road surfaces of lightweight chip seal provide superior skid resistance that is maintained throughout the surface life. Lightweight aggregate does not polish as it wears. Because it is light in weight there are trucking and handling cost advantages to the contractor. Also, windshield damage and damage to headlights, and paint caused by “flying” stones is virtually eliminated with structural lightweight aggregate, thus avoiding costly insurance claims and motorist complaints.

Lightweight Aggregate Testimonial: “Best Source” for Chip Seal Projects, Buildex Inc.

Uses of Structural Lightweight Aggregate in Asphalt Road Surfaces

  • Asphalt pavements (rural, city & freeway)
  • Lightweight asphalt bituminous surface treatments, lightweight chip seal,seal coat, etc
  • Plant mix seal overlay & open-graded friction course
  • Hot mix surface coarse
  • Micro-surfacing (slurry seal)
  • Cold mix (pothole patch, minor repairs, etc)