Asphalt Chip Seal Technical Docs


Expanded Shale, Clay, and Slate Reference Manual for Asphalt Pavement System

This 290-page manual covers the use of Lightweight Aggregate in chip seal, hotmix, slurry seal,
cold patch and other applications. For complete manual, contact


On the Surface, Lightweight Aggregate Paves the Way to Safer, More Economical and Longer Lasting Roads

Overview of the Benefits of using Lightweight Aggregate, improved skid resistance and eliminate windshield damage.


Lightweight Aggregate — The proven solution to a safe and Economical Road Surface

Lightweight Chip Seal, Lightweight Bituminous Surface Treatment


Ceramic Aggregate Cuts Kansas Road Costs by Bill Martin

Reprint from Better Road


ESC Aggregate in HMA by Kevin King

Reprint from Texas Contractor


The Premium Paving Aggregate by Bill Martin, P.E. and John Ries, P.E.