Hackett Tower

By Don Reeves, Trinity Industries, Inc.

Anadarko Petroleum’s new Hackett Tower raises 35 stories to take its place adjacent to their first office tower in the Woodlands just north of Houston, Texas. Designed by the architecture firm Gensler and built by D. E. Harvey Construction, the tower used lightweight concrete produced by Campbell Materials with rotary kiln lightweight aggregate supplied by Trinity Expanded Shale and Clay.

The concrete structural floors were designed to be 5000 psi at 28 days but were required to reach 3750 psi at 2 days in order to meet the construction schedule set by the contractor. The aggressive schedule started with a mat pour of approximately 7500 cubic yards on April 15th of 2012 and the top out was celebrated July of 2013. Once the structure was out of the ground and the lightweight concrete portion had begun, approximately one floor per week was completed as planned thanks to the diligent attention to quality and the cooperation of all the parties involved.

The actual performance of the concrete was well above project specifications:

  • Average 2 day strength 4200 psi
  • Average 7 day strength 5210 psi
  • Average 28 day strength 6600 psi

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