Blast Resistant Tilt-up Project Uses Lightweight Concrete

By Michael Robinson, Carolina Stalite Company

Owner: Konterra Realty/Boston Properties

Structural Engineer: Haynes Whaley Associates

Blast Consultant: Hinman Consulting Engineers

Architect: Powers Brown Architecture

Contractor: Harvey Cleary Builders, Inc.

Concrete Contractor: Southland Concrete, Inc.

Concrete Supplier: Vulcan Materials Company

Lightweight Aggregate Supplier: Carolina Stalite Company

The Annapolis Junction Business Park 7 building is a four-story office building designed to meet the Department of Defense blast and progressive collapse resistance requirements. The project is currently under construction and is located a short distance from Fort Meade in Anne Arundel County, MD. The walls are comprised of 32 tilt-up lightweight concrete panels that are typically 30 feet wide, 64 feet tall and average 15 inches thick. A 6,000 psi lightweight concrete was specified for the tilt-up panels. Lightweight concrete was specified in the panels to minimize panel joints and to accommodate crane capacities. A 3,500 psi lightweight concrete was also specified for the composite elevated floors to reduce the progressive collapse load. For more information, view the Tilt-Up Today article “Reducing The Cost Of Reasonable Protection” at the following link:

Annapolis Junction Business Park Exterior View