Chairman’s Corner

by Tim Wolfe, Trinity Lightweight

It seems that time has accelerated since my appointment as ESCSI’s Chairman of the Board which began in September 2017. We have begun 2018 with hope and excitement. What we have accomplished since my appointment has been the result of tremendous efforts by the people before me. One of our Board of Directors’ finest hours was during the process and subsequent hiring of our new director. We feel confident that we are going in a direction that will bring new ideas and long-term solutions to our industry.

Our quest for educating and implementing the technology known as internal curing (IC) has gained traction and become the industry buzzword. Bridges in many states are adopting the use of IC-based designs exclusively. ESCSI has invested resources in research and marketing with universities, designers and government agencies. Our focus has been with mainline paving, bridges, mass concrete and design-build projects.

The Board has developed a business model action plan for strategic initiatives. The focus is to prioritize and streamline the association’s goals which will help us allocate our assets to the best of our abilities and also give us a strategic blueprint to follow.

ESCSI is composed of companies that produce and sell expanded shale, clay and slate across the U.S. and beyond. But something that simple has never been our story. Our story lies in what the association means to each one of us as individuals. Individuals who strive for success every day to better the lives of our families, communities, companies and customers. Individuals who care enough about the lightweight industry as a whole to put aside competitive differences and personal gain to follow the philosophy that “a rising tide lifts all ships.”

ESCSI is striving to become the most effective and efficient association possible. We seek to maximize the return on our resources both financially and in human capital. We are asking more from the membership and they are responding. I thank all of the member companies and representatives whom take the time and energy to make this association what it is today. It is a my pleasure to serve the institute and I look forward to a successful year.