Dallas Baptist University – Patriot Field

OWNER Dallas Baptist University
GENERAL CONTRACTOR Sports Field Solutions

Patriot Field, home of the Dallas Baptist Patriots Baseball team, has long been known as one of the best natural grass playing surfaces in the southwest. The playing surface was built in 1983 and was ready for renovation as the root zone was severely compacted causing draining problems.

The area was rebuilt in 2008 using expanded shale. This product was chosen for its drainage benefits including reduced compaction and more efficient use of irrigation. This product also helps insulate the root zone against extreme heat and cold. The material was manufactured at TXI’s Streetman plant and trucked to the field in end dump trailers.

The scope of the project included replacing the turf, laser grading and amending the native clay based root zone with expanded shale. The contractor, Sports Field Solutions, first removed the existing sod and established a rough grade. After applying 90 cubic yards of expanded shale to approximately 20,000 square feet of root zone, the material was then tilled in to a depth of 5 inches and laser graded before being resurfaced with big roll Tiffway Bermuda sod.

Similar renovation projects utilizing the expanded shale material have taken place at St. Edwards University in Austin and Kiest Park in Dallas.