Lightweight CMU Material of Choice for New Valdosta High School

By Steven K. Rowe, Trinity Lightweight

Concrete masonry units manufactured with expanded clay, shale or slate provide the most desirable properties for fire ratings, thermal resistance, speed of construction and sustainability when it comes to the construction of New Valdosta High School educational facilities. This made it the natural material of choice for wall construction for the new Valdosta High School in Valdosta, Georgia when Altman + Barrett Architects commenced material design selection. This type of construction has become their standard for the schools that they have designed over the years. The Valdosta High School project broke ground this past January after JCI-Parish Construction was awarded the general contract. The one-half million lightweight concrete masonry units needed for this 500K+ square foot facility are being supplied by hometown manufacturer, Scruggs Concrete Company in Valdosta. The lightweight CMUs are made with expanded clay lightweight aggregate.

Long, tall concrete masonry walls are typical for this type of building construction. Structural lightweight CMUs are conducive to efficient building methods, returning the most for company budgets. Time proven lightweight concrete masonry will quietly provide the students, teachers and administrators decades of life safety performance along with energy efficiency for this new state of the art facility upon completion in 2018.