Oquirrah Lake: Wetland Planting Media

By Scott Jenson, Utelite Corporation

Oquirrah Lake is a fresh water lake located on the west side of the Salt Lake Valley that provides recreation opportunities to residents and guests of the Daybreak Community. Daybreak is a mixed-use, walkable master-planned community built by Kenncotte Land in South Jordan, UT. Daybreak is designed using a traditional neighborhood development model where all homes are within a 5-minute walk or bike ride to significant amenities such as a park or the lake. Oquirrah Lake provides multiple recreation opportunities including kayaking, canoeing, fishing, beaches, trails and nature viewing.

The lightweight aggregate manufacturer worked with the design team to develop and provide a wetland planting media consisting of expanded shale fines, clay and peat. The planting media allowed the specified wetland plants to establish quickly, provide essential habitat and to help stabilize the shoreline. The planting media was placed in long, geo-synthetic sleeves and anchored to the shoreline. The wetland plant species were transplanted directly into the sleeves through a slit in the top.

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