Stanford Escondido Village Graduate Housing Project

by Darren Medeiros, Utelite Corporation

Owner: Stanford University (Palo Alto, CA)

KSH Architects (San Francisco, CA)

Engineer: John A. Martin & Associates (Los Angeles, CA)

General Contractor: Vance Brown (Palo Alto, CA)

Precast Concrete Producer: Clark Pacific (Woodland, CA)

Lightweight Aggregate Supplier: Utelite Corporation (Coalville, UT)

Project Location: 150 Comstock Circle (Stanford, CA)

Project at a Glance: 4 Buildings, 2434 Beds, 1,835,000 SF Residences, 1,025,000 SF Exterior Cladding designed to higher class II level than required by code.

The Escondido Village Graduate Residences (EVGR) is a collection of four residence halls of Type 1 construction that range from 6 to 10 stories providing a total of 2,400 beds. Today, only about 55 percent of the more than 9,000 graduate students live in Stanford’s on-campus housing. When complete, Stanford estimates the project will increase its on-campus graduate housing rate to at least 75 percent.

The complex will feature recreational areas, patios in smaller courts, and social spaces that support activities such as grilling, picnicking and volleyball. Parking for the EV Graduate Residences will be found at surface level (394 stalls), the Thoburn Court Parking Garage (366 stalls), and the Manzanita Parking Structure (860 stalls).

EV Graduate Residences will reflect the distinct style and attributes of many of Stanford’s most beloved buildings. Attention to detail is evident throughout the project design and use of quality materials.

Project Requirements

  • Precast/prestressed structural lightweight concrete meeting John A. Martin & Associates performance and PCI specifications criteria
  • 15,000 cu. yds. of 3/8″ X #8 ESCS lightweight aggregate
  • Specified Minimum Flexural Strength: 650 PSI @ 56 days
  • Specified Compressive Strength: 6,000 PSI @ 28 days

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