Urban Tree Plantings at Herriman Towne Center

by Scott Jenson, Utelite Corporation

The Herriman Towne Center is a mixed use, planned unit development covering 370 acres of land at the center of Herriman, Utah. The development at completion will include 2000 residential units made up of single-family home, townhomes, and apartment communities. Commercial and recreational spaces are designed throughout the community within walking distance to create an urban style of living. Centered around the Herriman City Building, Crane Park, the new Rec Center and Herriman Library, the Towne Center allows residents to connect with everything going on within the city.

The landscape plan for the Herriman Towne Center called for various species of trees to be planted along the perimeter of parking areas, in the walkways and sidewalk areas. To better facilitate the intended long-term establishment and growth of the trees, an engineered structural soil media was chosen consisting of coarse graded structural lightweight expanded shale and screened loamy topsoil. The engineered structural soil media was placed and compacted prior to the sidewalk being placed. The structural soil media supports the load requirements of the concrete sidewalk but will also allow tree roots to establish in the media ensuring long-term establishment. The media will ensure a proper flow of air, water, and nutrients throughout the root development zone for future tree root expansion and growth.

Engineered soil media consisting of lightweight expanded shale, clay or slate aggregates have been successfully used in many urban landscape design applications including rooftop gardens, green roofs, drivable turf and storm water management.

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