ESCSI offers continuing education approved by the American Institute of Architects (AIA). The educational presentation topics include uses of expanded shale, clay and slate in structural concrete, internal curing, concrete masonry, geotechnical fill, concrete floor drying and landscape design applications.

SmartWall Systems: High Performance Concrete Masonry Wall System (SMWL01)
Lightweight Concrete Masonry and the Benefits of Quality Assurance (LWCM-02)
Balanced Fire Safety Design & Resilient Concrete Masonry Fire Walls (FSCM-01)
Structural Lightweight Concrete: The Team Approach (SLW-001)
Structural Lightweight Concrete: Uses, Issues and Economics (SLW-002)
Improving Concrete Durability and Sustainability Using Internal Curing (ICDS-01)
Specifying Internal Curing in Concrete Mixtures (SICC-02)
Lightweight and Normal Weight Concrete Floor Drying (LWCF-01)
Design Flexibility with Expanded Shale, Clay and Slate Aggregates (DFES-01)
Expanded Clay, Shale and Slate Lightweight Geotechnical Fills (ECGF-01)

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