Internal Curing Videos

ASTM C173 Volumetric Air Meter Test Video

This video demonstrates ASTM C173, the Standard Test Method for Air Content of Freshly Mixed Concrete by the Volumetric Method; it is commonly referred to as the Roll-a-Meter test. The Volumetric Air Test method covers the determination of the air content of freshly mixed concrete. It measures the air contained in the mortar fraction of the concrete; it is not affected by air that may be present inside the porous lightweight aggregate particles.

Expanded Shale Used in Major Water Tank Replacement Project

ESCSI, in conjunction with Trinity Lightweight, has released a new video detailing the use of internally cured concrete in a long-term water tank replacement project in Denver, Colorado. The public utility is in the midst of a 10-year $120-million dollar project to upgrade water storage facilities across the city. The video, featuring engineer Erik Holck, explains why internally cured concrete is the product of choice to build new massive multi-million gallon tanks used to store Denver’s treated water.

Internally Cured Concrete Part One: Lightweight Aggregate Preparation, Moisture Testing and Mix Design

Internally Cured Concrete Part Two: Plant Charging and Batching Considerations

Module 1: Improving the Performance of Concrete with Internal Curing (17:11)

Module 2: Internal Curing Concept, Proportioning and Aggregate (59:50)

Module 3: Internal Curing Shrinkage and Shrinkage Cracking (1:09:50)

Module 4: Internal Curing Mechanical and Transport Properties (1:19:10)

Module 5: Improving Sustainability with Internal Curing (19:28)