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ESCSI Documents

Call for Internally Cured Concrete Pavement Demonstration Projects (April 2014)

ESCSI is seeking interested parties to be involved in constructing and evaluating internally cured concrete pavements.


Internal Curing Using Expanded Shale, Clay and Slate Lightweight Aggregate

The text and references are from ASTM 169D Significance of Test and Properties of Concrete and Concrete Making Materials (July 2006)


Internal Curing: Helping Concrete Realize its Maximum Potential (Jan. 2012)

This brochure covers how internal curing offers benefits of improved hydration, reduced chloride ingress and reduced early age cracking, which helps concrete achieve its maximum potential as a sustainable building material by extending its service life.


Test Method to Determine the Moisture Content of Lightweight Fine Aggregate (Jan. 2012)

This test method has been incorporated into ASTM C1761 Standard Specification for Lightweight Aggregate for Internal Curing of Concrete.


Test Method for Determining the Moisture Content of Fine Lightweight Aggregate in Stockpiles (Aug. 2014)

This test method describes the procedures for determining the total absorbed and surface (free) moisture of fine lightweight aggregate to be used for internal curing of concrete.


The Team Approach to Internally Cured Concrete (April 2014)

This publication offers guidelines for a successful internal curing project and covers aggregate selection, concrete mixture considerations, aggregate saturation and stockpile management, batch plant adjustments to IC aggregates, concrete testing and information for the Design Engineer, General Contractor, Concrete Producer and Testing Labs.

ACI Documents

ASTM Documents

ASTM C 1761/C1761M—13b Standard Specification for Lightweight Aggregate for Internal Curing of Concrete