New Article Release: A Closer Look at Structural Lightweight Concrete

STRUCTURE just released an article, “A Closer Look at Structural Lightweight Concrete,” in their Sept. 2022 issue. It addresses relevant misconceptions and discusses why structural lightweight concrete will stay at the forefront of commercial building.

Lightweight concrete has been a staple of the built environment for centuries, predating the Roman Empire. While some early lightweight concrete structures still stand, their materials bear little resemblance to today’s offerings. Industry professionals now recognize structural lightweight concrete as a strong, low-density mixture of Portland cement, water, and various combinations of normal weight aggregates and lightweight aggregates. In such concrete, lightweight aggregate produced from shale, clay, or slate is heated to approximately 2000 degrees F in a rotary kiln process. During this process, it softens and bubbles form that remain as unconnected pores when it cools.

Since the early 1920s, industry professionals have effectively employed structural lightweight concrete to solve weight and durability problems. Yet misconceptions about the material’s light weight and porous form and how they impact end-use performance in composite metal decks for floors and roof slabs still exist. This article reviews three relevant misconceptions to help set the record straight. Read article.

By Abigail Gabbard | September 2, 2022 | New report release