New Publication Release: ESCS Engineered Media for Sustainable Soil and Healthy Roots

Healthy soils are the foundation for all successful landscapes. They are generally composed of 25% pore space for air, 25% pore space for water, 45% mineral content and 5% organics, roots, and microbes. Healthy soils are often found in undisturbed forests whereas urban soils are the most problematic. In undisturbed areas, the soils maintain their essential porous structure. Soils that have been disturbed or are in high-use areas lose their structure and proper porosity. Soils are also compromised by leaching, flooding, fires, construction activities and compaction. When this occurs one often considers soil amendments and turf maintenance practices to restore soil structure.

Read more in ESCSI’s latest publication, “ESCS Engineered Media for Sustainable Soil and and Healthy Roots.”

By Abigail Gabbard | June 5, 2021 | New report release