APPLICATIONS / Other Uses Overview

Other Lightweight Aggregate Applications

The superior qualities of structural lightweight aggregate are effective and economicalin many other applications. Examples include wood floor topping, bagged concrete mixture, cement wallboard, artificial stone, concrete roof tile, refractory concrete, phosphorous removal, subsurface flow wetlands, traction grit, grog, insulating fill and many, many more.

Lightweight AggregateSpecialty Concrete

  • Lightweight concrete roof tiles
  • Cement wallboard
  • Artificial stone
  • Bagged concrete mix
  • Topping on wood floor systems
  • Roof fill for flat roofs (insulation & slope)
  • Insulating fill around temperature sensitive elements
  • Refractory (fireplace logs & boxes, chimney liners, etc.)
  • Insulating refractory for industrial uses in (kilns, boilers, stacks, petrochemical refining, etc.)
  • Ferrocement & shotcrete
  • Animal & environmental structures (sewage treatment, etc.)

Storm Water, Filter Media

  • Constructed Wetlands
  • Phosphorous removal
  • Subsurface flow wetlands
  • Filter strips
  • Rain gardens
  • Rain basins
  • Vegetated wetlands

Water & Waste Water Treatment

  • Biofilters
  • Septic system drain field
  • Medium for wastewater treatment filters & water filters


  • De-slicking grit, traction grit for icy roads
  • Fire protection for impermeable plastic liners
  • Grog for clay brick
  • Coverstone & ballast on built-up roofs