Cement Wall Board

Cementitious backer board products that incorporate ESCS have a long successful history in residential and commercial applications. Unlike products based upon gypsum, these manufactured boards are resistant to wet/dry cycles and will not soften, swell, rot or disintegrate under exposure to moisture. In addition to durability ESCS backer boards are dimensionally stable and because of the irresistance to high temperature, achieve one and two hour fire resistance ratings when used with wood or steel studs.

ESCS backer board has served as a permanent, durable base for ceramic tile, thin brick, epoxy matrix stone aggregate surfacing and other exterior base coat finishes. Additionally, because of the use of structural grade lightweight aggregate these products can withstand high levels of compressive and flexural stresses and are highly resistant to chipping of edges. Using ESCS as a constituent permits safe and easy handling by one person.