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Take it from the mason contractors, designers and building professionals who know the construction business:

“Time is money, and lightweight saves both.”
Mason Contractor, Topeka, KS

“We specify lightweight concrete masonry units for all Wal-Mart stores…”
Structural Engineer, Tulsa, OK

“Use of lightweight aggregates has the potential to reduce costs and construction time for concrete masonry walls as well as improve performance.”

Tall Slender Walls Competitive With Precast and Tilt-Up Concrete, Phase I Final Report, November, 1999 (Sponsored by the National Concrete Masonry Association)

There is a reason that high performance lightweight concrete masonry made with expanded shale clay or slate lightweight aggregate, appropriately named SmartWall, is widely used in schools, big box retail and other projects. In a sustainable environment, the quality and economy of lightweight cmu walls makes SmartWall the material of choice by building designers and mason contractors in many parts of the country today.

SmartWall units are stronger yet lighter than regular ASTM C 90 lightweight units and are available from a growing list of block producers throughout the country. SmartWall maximizes the benefits of concrete masonry construction by providing:

  • Transportation savings
  • Faster installation
  • Fewer ergonomic issues
  • Greater fire ratings
  • Better thermal performance
  • Increased structural benefits
  • More economical construction

SmartWall units increase durability, improve energy performance, and reduce a structure’s life cycle costs when compared to competing wall systems. SmartWall’s proven performance is Sustainability Without Compromise®.

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