APPLICATIONS / SmartWall Masonry Technical Docs


SmartWall Systems® Guide Specification (May 2001)

Minimum net compressive strength 2500 psi and maximum concrete density of 93 lbs per cubic foot.


Energy Efficient Buildings with SmartWall Systems

Thermal mass, heat capacity, thermal bridges. R-values, ASHRAE energy code and the ENVSTD program (Aug 2004)


Insulating Concrete Masonry Theoretical Maximum "R" Values (T.A. Holm)

Heat flow, Series-parallel, Thermal resistance. (Jan 2002)


Freezing and Thawing Resistance of Segmental Retaining Walls (T.W. Bremner, J.P. Ries)

Commercially available Lightweight and Normalweight SRW, 13 suppliers, 33 concrete mixtures, 175 test samples. (June 1996)


Life Cycle Energy Cost Analysis

Shows that SmartWall Systems provides significant savings in all climates. (Mar 2000)


Lightweight CMU; a weight off our shoulders (Feb 2004)

Although unit price may be slightly higher, increased productivity more than offsets the expense when looking at costs in laying up a wall. Reprint Storypole, by Kyle Lochonic


Producing Structural Lightweight Concrete Block (Feb 1996)

Because of the greater porosity of lightweight aggregates, follow these procedures to ensure production of top-quality concrete masonry units. Reprint Concrete Journal, by Carolyn Schierhorn


SmartWall Systems® The Answers! Click here for Spanish Version (Aug 2002)

Complete details how SmartWall helps owners, occupants, Architects, Engineers, Designers, Mason contractors, and Block Manufacturers. Covers Fire resistance, Mason productivity, Energy efficiency and much more.


High-Performance Concrete Masonry For the Mason Contractors (Jan 1996)

Covers Mason friendly, profitability, labor cost, Mason’s careers, productivity, women masons.


Systematically Building better Buildings

Reprint The Concrete Producer by Rick Yelton (April 1999)


Estimating Production

Maintain production history files on every masonry task. Reprint Masonry Construction by Carolyn Schierhorn (March, 1995)