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SmartWall Testimonials

Lightweight Block Survey with Mason Contractors Video
In late 2014, a survey was conducted in conjunction with the Mason Contractors Association of America to learn first-hand about contractor opinions on lightweight concrete masonry. When contractors were asked why they prefer lightweight block, safety…and the reduction of injuries on the job…were mentioned more often than reduced labor cost. Running a close third place, behind safety and productivity, was mason satisfaction.

“Using High-Performance Concrete Masonry [SmartWall] helped us increase our productivity almost 20%.” William (Bill) Wagner, Founder, Tri­Masonry Co.

“I founded Tri-Masonry in 1965. At Tri­Masonry we do all types of masonry including brick, stone, and CMU exclusively on commercial projects. Our customers include Wal-Mart, Target, Hi/Lo Auto Supply, Albertson’s, and the Arlington (Texas) and Coppell (Texas) Independent School Districts.

Recently, we used HPCMUs on a Wal-Mart in Southlake, TX. Using HPCMUs helped us increase our productivity almost 20% versus the Wal-Mart stores we’ve constructed using heavyweight CMUs. One reason is the 12 in. HPCMU only requires one man while the heavyweight CMU needs two men. The men don’t get as tired as fast, either. One man can go seven or eight hours with the HPCMU before he gets as tired. The HPCMU is just what the doctor ordered
for us!”

“We support the use of High-Performance Concrete Masonry Units [SmartWall] on the jobs we do.” David Knight, Owner and Mel Oller, Chief Estimator, D and H Masonry.

“D and H Masonry was established in 1985 in Houston, TX, and is committed to supplying the construction industry with the highest quality masonry jobs possible. We have successfully completed numerous schools for Fort Bend and Houston Independent School Districts, as well as the recently completed Museum of Fine Arts Junior School and Administration Building.

We support the use of HPCMUs on the jobs we do. We expect better productivity and less chipping due to the lighter weight and higher compressive strength of each unit. As part of the total masonry system that includes quality masonry performed by D and H Masonry, the addition of yet another quality component only results in a winning combination!”

Better attitudes, higher morale, and less breakage. Danny A. Batten, President, Consolidated Masonry Systems, Inc., Garner, NC.

“Using lightweight block, rather than heavyweight, has increased our production and quality of work, as well as created a better attitude and higher morale among our masonry crews. We also have less breakage with lightweight.”

Saves both time and money. Bill Merillat, Jayhawk Masonry, Topeka, KS.

“With 8x8x16″ lightweight masonry units, we can see at least a 15% increase in mason productivity. With 12x8x16″ lightweight units, the increase is more like 35-40%. Time is money, and lightweight saves both.”

“We are encouraging the specification of High-Performance Concrete Masonry Units [SmartWall].” Robert V. (Buddy) Barnes Jr., President & CEO, Masonry Technology Inc.

“The Dee Brown Companies were formed during the past 40 years with a goal to provide our client with the highest quality masonry product, on time, and within the client’s budget. We have provided this work on projects such as the Lew Sterrett Justice Center, Dallas; The Meyerson Symphony Center, Dallas; Burlington Northern Railroad, Ft. Worth; Brooke Army Medical Center, San Antonio; World Savings Corporate Offices, San Antonio.

“As a member of the ASTM-C15 Committee, I understand the HPCMU exceeds all existing ASTM standards, yet will weigh less than the existing CMUs. The lighter weight, along with a more uniform edge and texture, will increase the mason’s productivity, thus allowing for a better quality product. We are encouraging the specification of HPCMUs, and we are excited about using this high-quality product to enhance the value and quality of the masonry wall systems we install.”

Choose a construction system that won’t compromise quality or safety. Tom Wallace, PE, Wallace Engineering Structural Consultants Inc., Tulsa, OK

“As structural engineers for Wal-Mart Corporation, it is our responsibility to help choose construction systems that are no compromise to quality or safety, and which lend themselves to rapid and economical construction. Concrete masonry units are attractive, economical, and provide fire safety, longevity, and lower insurance rates. They also have the structural capacity to carry gravity, wind, and earthquake loads without backup support.

“We specify lightweight concrete masonry units for all Wal-Mart stores because masons may handle many more units per day without fatigue. Lightweight units weigh about ‘/3 less than heavyweight units, so productivity is naturally increased. Maximum productivity is an advantage that we desire in each store built.”